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Krueger’s Karate America!

We are a family owned and operated karate school and have been training students for over 12 years. We are dedicated to our students and are here to help them succeed. Preparing them mentally, physically and teaching them discipline is key to go from a white belt to a black belt. Keeping our class size around 10 students we have the ability to focus on the student and technique.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy behind our school is not only to teach martial arts, but also life skills that will prepare children to make the right choices as they face the challenges of adulthood. The  Program provides exposure to a positive social environment.  Children will learn to work as a team and interact with others in a polite way.

Adults will benefit from the physical challenge. Mental activity is stimulated and the same disciplines such as focusing, memory, and coordination are enhanced as well. Adults will develop leadership skills necessary to further their career opportunities.


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